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Litecoin Smart Contracts

Hi Litecoiners! I was at this excellent VR presentation last night which was all about bitcoin smart contracts. But interestingly enough, when chatting to Jeremy Rubin and Charlie Lee after the presentation, it seems that this technology is coming to...

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Delta showing wrong price for LTC

Anybody else having this problem? Delta keep showing me the wrong price for litecoin. Like 2x of it's actual price. Wether in USD or in BTC. Anyone else having this problem? submitted by /u/Msager87 [link] [comments]

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Hello everyone, I've got a big LTC bag, and getting ready for the next run up. I've seen a lot of new coins offering staking options like TRX, ADA, Tezos. Is this ever something that is possible with Litecoin, to allow users to stake their co...