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Best mobile wallet for Litecoin?

I’m looking to transfer my LTC from an exchange to a software wallet for semi-permanent long-term storage. Would exodus be good? I only need the wallet to send and withdraw without high transferring fees. The swap feature like what’s available in exo...

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P2P Exchange

Is there a P2P exchange like localcryptos that supports LTC? submitted by /u/ablazestudios [link] [comments]

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Just bought litecoin

Idk anything about crypto but I just bought 40$ of litecoin should I hold onto it or just sell as son as I can profit submitted by /u/KetamineforYoda [link] [comments]

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Node status

Those involved in mining pooIs I wanted to reach out to see about which DogeCoin node version you are currently running, the latest update is 1.14.4 and soon 1.14.5 will be released. In 1.14.5 release this will help enable lower transaction Fee's...

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Help, Im looking for an android wallet.

Cakewallet doesnt let me send transactions ("error : transaction commit is failed"). I'm looking for an android wallet that would let me import a litecoin wallet using a seed phrase. I tried to find one, but with no success. Any idea?...