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Steam gift cards NEEDED!!!

Hi guys.I'm currently looking for some steam gift cards. Do you know where to get some? Using coins is better. Thanks! submitted by /u/TuanNguyen03 [link] [comments]

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Litecoin Atomic Swaps on BEAM

Litecoin has been added to the Beam Atomic Swaps lineup! The swaps are both decentralised and private, with no links between the two blockchains. MimbleWimble POWER! You can install Beam desktop wallet and check it out.

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(Litecoin Core) Wallet emptied(?)

Hello guys Any idea what happened here? I launched my litecoin core client (after 2+ years of inactivity) but the wallet is empty and I have a transaction from 2019 (a year where I did not even launch litecoin core client) in my overview which appare...

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What is the best wallet to store LTC?

I recently got some litecoin and got litecoin core as a wallet on my desktop i keep regular back ups on a flashdrive and was wonder what everyones thoughts are on litecoin core, is it good? Is it bad? Are there better ones out there? Just new to cryp...

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So let’s talk price, because I’m sure that’s why many of us are invested. The LTC/BTC ratio last bull run was about .02 when calculating both highs. So, isn’t it fair to assume that LTC will again achieve a ratio of .02 or greater? At a 100k per BTC,...

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Trezor Wallet x Electrum LTC

Hello, I tried to send LTC from Electrum LTC to my Trezor wallet, but I am receiving an error saying: b'\xf4\xfdbi...... and signing transaction got stuck on my Trezor wallet. Probably something with firmare? I am using the latest one on Trezor...