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Spend Litecoin

Hello friends! I’m new here and I really love that Litecoin is a currency you actually can use in the real world. I’m wondering tho. Where is the best place to buy stuff online for your Litecoin? I’m interested in some electronics. Thank you so much...

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Litecoin Node Websockets

I need a websockets integration, to listen to tens or hundreds of thousands of accounts at the same time. How can I do this without relying on a third party API ? Can I do this with a Litecoin node ? submitted by /u/anarkrypto [link]...

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The Mindset of $tar Coin

Coming from an entertainment background, we saw a need for an alternative pathway to success in industries such as entertainment; our solution was to create a community of driven and gregarious individuals, but also an exclusive form of payment to be...

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Will LTC take on some momentum?

The 10th anniversary of LTC is inbound & the value of LTC to BTC is at an all time low after long capitulation. There is only a matter of time. submitted by /u/Cam0064 [link] [comments]

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What usecase do litecoin have?

Yo Guys, please tell me which usecase litecoin has. I am very interessted at litecoin but i can not see any usecase in it. Maybe you can help me out. Thanks. submitted by /u/FayloxTheOne [link] [comments]