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L3+ pool switching virus

I've had this virus on my machine now for a couple of weeks. I've flashed Bitmain's firmware, HiveOS firmware and still cant get rid of it. Am I missing something and are there any alternatives to wjat I've already tried? I'd like...

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Troubles transferring to Electrum LTC wallet

I transferred some litecoin from coinspot to my electrum ltc wallet. Coinspot shows complete, however the wallet doesn’t have the coin. There’s nothing in the history. It’s been like this for an hour. The button is green the address is correct and I’...

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Ways to support Litecoin

Hellow together, I love litecoin but I don't know how I can support it best. I want to support it not only through donations, I want to be a part of it. I can imagine to support the development or the PR but I am not so familiar in C++. Are there...

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Evolution of BTC

I highly suggest you guys check out ERG. A POW project that takes BTC/LTC to next level, with integrated smart contracts. submitted by /u/xcaddz [link] [comments]

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UI crash when encrypting.

Just wondering has anyone else's UI crashed when encrypting the litecoin core wallet? And if so did this affect the encryption process? I have the lock symbol at the bottom of the wallet to state its encrypted but I'm just worried it didn'...

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The ludes are in I think I found it. The soda stream of profits. 300 ltc correction incoming. the ludes are in, the lows are history! submitted by /u/BeefNClam [link] [comments]

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Whats going on with being blocked?

Malwarebytes is blocking the download domain for, this is not something I've experienced before. Flagging some crypto wallets when I run them is common but not blocking an entire website. The GPG signature seems to check out but it m...

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Can't receiving addresses

Hi, When I look at my transaction list and export from Litecoin Core, it doesn't show receiving addresses or my deposits to my wallet though the balance is correct. Also noticed that some older trans in 2013 & 2014, show "payment to your...

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Will Litecoin increase block size in future?

I was wondering how good Litecoin has become for payments today. So, just wanted to ask if Litecoin someday had a lot more people doing transactions, such that the blocks become full, and to maintain Litecoin always cheap to transact, will it increas...

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Question about transaction error

Hi all, I am using blockcypher's api for my transactions. Sometimes they work, and then other times I get weird errors such as this saying that I don't have enough litoshis to cover the fees, but the tx skeleton leads me to think otherwise. s...