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Ripple's new China position / expansion

Ripple is looking for a Customer Senior Success Manager in China. To my knowledge this is the first China job offer since some time. Looks like this important market could get more traction. subm...

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How does Ripple make money?

How does Ripple make money besides selling XRP? Is their revenue solely based on XRP'S appreciation? And is their current revenue model going to stay the same in the future as adoption increases? submitted by /u/prosorth [link] &#...

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Can I buy XRP in Texas?

Title. Wondering if I’m able to purchase XRP. If so, where? My usual exchange,, surprisingly does not allow it. Unusual because I can buy virtually everything on there. submitted by /u/HartPlays [link] [comments]

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Health and Wealth under Crypto?

Who else here heard about $DeFit? 360wellness app by $DeFit, helps you be active healthy, and Physically fit. Not just being healthy but it will also help you earn money ???????? Google 360Wellness βœ” submitted by /u/mikayudontknowme123...