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Different prices on private and public ledger?

Hello, ​ There are rumours that Ripple has 2 different prices. The price on the exchanges (right now around 0.40 usd/xrp) and some other (probably higher) price for their ODL partners. From the perspective of ODL partner the price of XRP does...

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Ripple Buybacks - questions (when moon)

Hello, ​ We all know Ripple will go to the moon, but when? It appears XRP has been buying 1.7 B XRP tokens from the markets during Q2/2022. Artithmetically, it means 560-570 M coins per month and daily it is 18-19 million XRP. But, this is jus...

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XRP and Ripple usage on merch

Hi, If I had a merch store would I be able to use the XRP and/or ripple logo. Merch would be things like t-shirts. I noticed a few merch stores using the logo but I wouldn't want to do it without permission or without breaking any rules. Advisem...