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dumb noob question about limits

Can someone ELI5 how advanced trading works via setting limits? The whole interface on kraken/coinsquare is overwhelming and feels like I am launching rockets from NASA when I'm sure it's not all that complex. I'm tired of using quicktrad...

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Should I transfer my XRP from Coinbase to Uphold?

I’m wondering if I do so will I end up losing some XRP or some money due to fees? Also, if I keep my XRP on coinbase is there a chance I lose it all. And the last thing is a majority of my XRP is still being processed so I won’t be able to move until...

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XRP on Binance still trading

Although Binance had announced they would delist XRP on Jan 13th, XRP is still trading on Binance. Can one still deposit XRP on Binance and trade ? If so for how long ? submitted by /u/PeterHeir [link] [comments]

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Transferring XRP from Coinbase to Uphold

Sorry for the newbie question but it’s not clear to me how to transfer XRP from coinbase to Uphold. Surprisingly no helpful instructions on google either. When I tried sending my XRP, coinbase requires an email. Not sure how providing my email will...

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Trying to get my XRP out of Toast Wallet

Toast Wallet shut down and I had no idea. Realized I have several hundred XRP in my toast wallet still that I would like to get out, and I can't send from the wallet since shut down. I do however, have my Passphrase, and my 6 word Recovery Phrase...