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Great european fiat gateway for XRP

XRP is now available on SwissBorg a wealth management app. My favorite fiat on and off ramp added XRP today. submitted by /u/iamblackbeard [link] [comments]

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xrp desktop client

Hello,can anyone provide me the link to download a window wallet,my wallet was offline,i do not know how to add servers or where to find the server. thanks submitted by /u/HarveyChristy [link] [comments]

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I got a question

I notice people are focused on what Ripple is doing in hopes XRP will rise.. Doesnโ€™t that make the SECs case valid? If XRP is a currency separate from Ripple why are people worried about what they are doing apart from the case? Not bashing.. Just beg...

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72 XRP From the 2017 Bull Run

Hey Everyone, I have 72 XRP from the 2017 Bull Run and cannot really do much with it? I wanted to see if anyone had any input as to what i should do with it? I am holding but dont know what to do with it? submitted by /u/bdb5780 [lin...