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by COINS NEWS - 2 hours ago

Quarkchain announces Testnet Demo Tokens + Contest

From their subreddit: ''Dear QuarkChain Community Members, On July 9th, we successfully launched our Testnet 1.0 ( Here is the Testnet Demo on YouTube ( We appreciate support from...

Reddit / IOTA Reddit - 3 hours ago

ABRA, recursive functions, and quantum computing

Wondering if recursive functions running on quantum computers would be exponentially more efficient in terms of memory requirements than the same functions running on digital computers. If yes, will ABRA encourage the use of recursion rather than ite...

Reddit / Etherum Reddit - 3 hours ago

Ethereum Magicians Developer Wishlist

This list was copied from here: wish list support in IDE for atom and more features in Remis and easier options than infura, excited about dappnoe need...