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by COINS NEWS - 1 hour ago

Daily Discussion Megathread - April 22, 2018

Welcome to the Daily Discussion Megathread. Please read the disclaimer, guidelines, and rules before participating. To see the latest weekly Skeptics thread, click here To see the latest weekly Support thread, click here Disclaimer: Though karma r...

by COINS NEWS - 3 hours ago

Perma bears are delusional

I find it crazy how a space as dynamic as crypto can be flooded with perma bears who consistently whine for the end of times to come so they can make their money on their misguided shorts. Sure definitely the price will fluctuate up and down but the...

by COINS NEWS - 3 hours ago

So a friend lost 100 BTC..

As title says ( I don't even know where to put this) He did a computer related job for someone years ago and the guy gave him a print out of a key for the 100 BTC. Dude was trying to avoid the government at the time and wouldn't use cash. He...