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Reddit / Bitcoin Gold Reddit - 2 weeks ago

splittiing off btg in trezor

When I click on "coin splitting tool" in my trezor wallet, it tells me that the tool is unavailable. ( I do have btg however. ​ There seems to be an option to send btg. Will this work without splitting?...

Reddit / Bitcoin Gold Reddit - 3 weeks ago

Has the team considered other algos?

Although there appears to be no immediate danger of asics propagating on 144-5 due to memory cost, I was curious if the team had considered alternatives such as progpow, in the event they find a way to circumvent the cost. The number of coins piling...

Reddit / Bitcoin Gold Reddit - 4 weeks ago

EWMCI Will Stand By BTG

BTG is an important component of the EWMCI mid cap index. As such, we stand by BTG and will work on ensuring its continued availability for those who wish to trade this very fine coin! Vires in Numeris = Strength in Numbers Cheers, S / EWMCI ...