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cannot access

Hi Im testing on an iota project and just getting started on iota. Am I going to the right website for the devnet? Or the website is currently down? submitted by /u/volbolt99 [link] [comments]

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Noob alert

I am just a newbie, I just started IoT projects in my undergrad. But can anyone explain me in laymen terms how IOTA benifits IoT. Especially the Smart Home devices, like Smart Bulbs, Smart Plugs etc. submitted by /u/The_Nisarg_Shukla...

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1 IOTA to test a wallet to wallet transfer

I guys, I'm looking for a faucet to get just 1 iota to test the wallet to wallet transfer (Mine are in my cold wallet) To bad that the MineIOTA faucet doesn't work anymore. Any good faucet out there? Here is my address if one of you would be...