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Reddit / IOTA Reddit - 50 minutes ago

Snapshot the 28th...Trinity the 29th?

Speculation. I know we can’t rely upon dev estimates for exact time frames on products. But they’ve been saying end on jan. I’d imagine it’s not coming until after the next scheduled snapshot on the 28th. I’m anticipating this tool so that I can st...

Reddit / IOTA Reddit - 1 hour ago

Cogniota ELI5, please!

Hi, I read about Cogniota and how it's about using the miners computing resources for something useful other than wasting them on hashes. But beides few fancy slides I have no idea what's the scope of the project. Has anyone here a compact de...

Reddit / IOTA Reddit - 3 hours ago

Why are the confirmations per minute zero?

I am basing this from the graph over at . Seems to be showing zero confirmations on the tangle for about five hours now. Is this some kind of maintenance? Error with the website itself? Or is there some other magic occurring her...

Reddit / IOTA Reddit - 5 hours ago

Buying IOTA

Hey, just wondering where the best place for me to buy IOTA @ current rates using my PayPal? submitted by /u/Harry_JR [link] [comments]

Reddit / IOTA Reddit - 6 hours ago

Coins Stolen after I transferred to another account

Hello all, I also used a seed generator unfortunately but as soon as I saw the posts of getting hacked I created another seed and transferred the money. However, it was on pending. But today when I checked the account, some of my coins were transferr...