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Machine learning in IoTa

I 'm thinking about using deep learning to predict network anomalies in the iota network. Where can i get old network data to train my model? Do someone have an idea? submitted by /u/TFMC23 [link] [comments]

Reddit / IOTA Reddit - 1 day ago

Help! Don't know where my funds went

Hey Guys, Last time I checked my balance was on the IOTA wallet. I've logged in and even checked and nothing is showing up for me. Granted, this was like over a year ago or so, maybe 9 months, when I last saw my balance. ​ I...

Reddit / IOTA Reddit - 2 days ago

Trinity Desktop 0.6.0 Release

This release brings a substantial rewrite of the networking layer. Trinity will now perform automatic node management in the background. Advanced users have the option to adjust a number of different node selection settings. There are a fair few stab...