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Got a qn

I am asking this question here as my post got pulled down on r/bitcoin I am a new LTC fan, due to the low fees and how easy it is to trade. Last few months, I was incurring losses by investing in bitcoin. When I was buying bitcoin, it was easy. But...

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Litecoin Dads

Happy Fathers Day to the Litecoin Dads out there!! It's my first one and love it! submitted by /u/Domie109 [link] [comments]

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Litecoin Logo

Anyone think the litecoin logo looks very similar to the Facebook logo? submitted by /u/Sephxiieee [link] [comments]

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How do i get bitcoin into my account?

I have 0 expierence with any cryptos and i just want to figure out how to like get mone in my account. I tried using a bitcoin atm but it just was such a bad atm and was no use. So i come to all of you asking for guidance on how to achieve these cryp...

Reddit / Litecoin Reddit - 1 day ago

Lost all my litecoin

It wasn’t much but I still don’t feel good about losing it all. Is there anything I can do other than change to a different wallet and hope this never happens again? submitted by /u/Sckwook [link] [comments]