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Buy a bitcoin with my litecoin?

So, back in the summer I had 60% ETH, 40% LTC portfolio and at the time LTC was cheap at ETH was about $350. I sold all my ETH for LTC, making my portfolio 100% LTC. As December rolled around I was quite thrilled about he move. Even if ETH is around...

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Will there be a Litecoin based exchange?

Heard FairX is launching a Stellar based exchange. With the new Litecoin upgrade, the transactions fees are so low. Wondering any projects currently under development that will launch a Litecoin based exchange. Any insights? submitted by ...

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Crypto RPG Early Access Bonus

Hi r/litecoin I am the creator of Crypto RPG. A new game that is using Litecoin as its primary form of currency. The best way to describe CRPG is like Crypto Kitties for Litecoin, but smashed together with an RPG game or template. So instead of buyin...