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Reddit / Litecoin Reddit - 4 hours ago

Difficulty increase and halving of Litecoin.

Hi guys. I just got into Litecoin mining on 4 asic machines. So far so good. The folks who are also mining, how do you think the next halving and diffuclty increase will influence Litecoin and profitability this year? I'm on the fense about getti...

Reddit / Litecoin Reddit - 16 hours ago

Litecoin a championship contender.

vote for Litecoin to advance to the sweet 16. This is just for pride and fun. If you don't like it, keep the profanity and hate to yourself. submitted by /u/bodyinchair [l...

Reddit / Litecoin Reddit - 1 day ago

Destroying Instead of Building or Holding

What if users began destroying Litecoin instead of holding or building? Say if 50,000 people bought 1000 Litecoins at various points and put them on a cold storage wallet and destroyed the wallet, more than half of the supply of Litecoin would be gon...

Reddit / Litecoin Reddit - 1 day ago

Help recovering wallet from file

In early December 2013, I bought a bunch of LTC and transferred them to my desktop wallet. This was done on Ubuntu. I don't have the computer anymore, but I saved the wallet file on my google drive. I also saved two files named: litecoin-