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Stuck/Unavailable/Lost Funds 1 Litecoin reward

So I was sending my Litecoin to MWZX4DEgYrfAaczE8vfZJiPeXWi9gyLxPF from my Jaxx Liberty wallet on 4/10. Pic here I was not able to use the address to view the broadcasted transaction, but I was able to use the TX ID (181c98312d915428e56cd645ca350d1f...

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Litecoin transfer...

How long do transfers take? I’m using a website that needs litecoin and I just sent a transfer about 15 min ago still says pending. submitted by /u/thevinamazing [link] [comments]

Reddit / Litecoin Reddit - 3 days ago

Any updates on CT developments?

Last official LTC updates were a partnership with a K-Pop concert and ATH hashrate. Cool. Has anyone discovered any updates on the progress of implementing Confidential Transactions/Bulletproof/MimbleWimble? I ask because I’m curious how the process...

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Has anyone used Fox.Exchange or similar sites? I would like to convert some Litecoin to Ether. Any input would be appreciated. submitted by /u/lightlitecoin [link] [comments]

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Litecoin's trading volume from 2011 to 2013

Hi guys! I am looking for Litecoin's trading volume data prior to the second half of 2013, so Q4 2011, all of 2012 and first half of 2013. I already searched in several different places but haven't found a single source for this data. I also...