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Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 2 hours ago

XRP Coverage on Bitcoin Podcast #224

Hello all, I was interviewed for today's Bitcoin Podcast Episode #224, and we spent a long time discussing XRP. The XRP discussion starts around 40 minutes in. Here is the link: Topics include: Shadowban...

Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 5 hours ago

Interledger protocol

Hi I have a question regarding the Interledger protocol. I understand ripple net is a global network of financial institutions using the same technology, rules and governance. The Interledger protocol sounds the same? This may sound stupid and I apol...

Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 7 hours ago

Scooter Braun bullish on XRP and Ripple

Scooter (with almost 4 million followers on twitter) has lately been bullish and fighting some FUD on twitter:

Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 8 hours ago

Ripple use case with Large Corporation/Business

Hi guys, I was just wondering whether any of the services offered by Ripple would have any direct use case with large corporations such as CocaCola dealing with international suppliers, clients and payments between offices. I understand that xVia is...

Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 11 hours ago

Where has jungle gone?

Anyone know what happened to jungle incs channel????? Been a big fan and enjoy his content. Surprising his channels down considering the large increase in price. One would think there are many new xrp holders that need educating submitted by...

Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 18 hours ago

How high can xrp go if only 5%.,,

Ok after some research i found out that theres is about 27 trillions US dollars parked around the world between banks in order for them to settle payments between themselves because the current system is too slow. There are aproximatly 14,000 banks/c...