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Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 9 hours ago

Unable to send EOS to signupeoseos

Is there an exchange bug, or Binance does not allow for the creation of a new EOS account any more? all we had to do was send a few EOS to signupeoseos and use the new account name-public address as the memo? ​ The error now is Invalid Addres...

Reddit / Litecoin Reddit - 10 hours ago


Has anyone used Litecoin out in the world this month? I bought some silver 1oz coins but yet to find anywhere I can spend in person like buy a coffee etc. I love using Litecoin, always works well, quickly and safe. Is there a UK list for places to sp...

Reddit / Etherum Reddit - 10 hours ago

The Gnosis Safe is now available for iOS

​ ​ The Gnosis Safe, the first smart contract-based wallet for mobile, is available on the App store! Download it now: What are the benefits of using the...