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Censored in a personal discussion with moderator /u/jwinterm

Censored in a personal discussion with moderator /u/jwinterm

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Here's the uncensored archive, as I expected /u/jwinterm to censor my comments. He always does:


Original Censored Thread:

Basically I call out moderator of /cryptocurrency /u/jwinterm for censoring and being openly biased against certain cryptos like IOTA and BCH. I then point out the the moderators themselves have recently kicked a corrupt mod of their own

Here's the text he deleted. Only one comment which was the one summarizing his bullshit:

You claim your mod team isn't biased, isn't getting paid and is all good people.

Yet I just showed you that:

your own mod team kicked one of your own moderators lol. And gave a reason why.

your not transparent to your own community, but other mods are.

You were caught lying today. Again.

And yet you get mad when someone posts the article that puts all your Reddit comments in on thread in a nice and easy place which openly shows your bias. I'd link to it, but you'd probably just ban me. and yet the article is just a collection of your comments, which have NOT been deleted and therefore publicly available lol.

I don't know do I need to use crayons to spell it out for you? Let me try an analogy and see if it helps you understand.

I'm sure you've been long enough on this planet to hear of Murphy's law right? In short Murphy's law says "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". Let me give you an example, since you're playing dumb today with one word responses to serious accusation. Lets say John, Alex and Suzy Q went on a skying trip during the winter season. John in his hubris decided not to bring a spare battery for his camera because he charged it last night. However since it was an especially cold today during the winter the battery charge did not hold well and ran out 1 hour into the trip. Normally John would have been fine, but Murphy's law took care of the trip for him.

In your position as moderator you're not being transparent, you're openly being hostile to select cryptocurrencies and you claim you have no bias, but yet ban articles which is just a collection of your public and undeleted reddit comments because it exposes your nature. Murphy's law in this case would state if a corrupt mod acts corrupts and says he's not taking money, well then we can assume he eventually will or already has started accepting money.

That and I have DM's from posters like /u/1lost_king1 who regularly get threads frontpage on /r/cryptocurrencies telling me he pays a few moderators here with Banano. And don't act like you don't know.

And spam posting stuff about /u/1lost_king1 is true. He went dark 30 days ago, the 1st time I openly called him out and he's pruned his account history but he's still posting as his other alias was /u/sha747 or something. When the mods are called out with specifics they delete. when they get DMed about this stuff they ignore it, knowing full well he got to skirt all the rules.

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