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Change as a mod

Change as a mod

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I removed myself as a mod.

However, I am not going anywhere as I love Ethereum and love the relationships I’ve made in this amazing community. I will continue to support, fund and build projects in Ethereum and participate in conversations about the technology.

I believe that Ethereum will sit at the centre of the future of Web3, but I like to be open-minded and support other experiments in the evolution of this technology. What has always made the Ethereum community so great is our open-mindedness to experimentation and trying new approaches.

As the community has evolved over these years, it is clear that some prefer that mods be working 100% on just Ethereum-related projects. I respect this view even if I observe that so many members of our community are experimenting with different technologies simultaneously and I believe that is a healthy approach considering how early we are in the arc of Web3. I believe the line between "working on Ethereum" and working on other things will blur as we move forward and I believe that my position is representative of a growing cohort of our community members. I'd like to thank the other mods and everyone who has offered support on this and encouraged me to stay as a mod.

However, in the interest of focusing the conversation around the technology, let’s have some other community members take a turn at moding so that this isn’t a debate topic. I would invite people to nominate others to the mod group. I have been particularly impressed by the DigixDAO team the last few days here in Singapore and their work in bringing the community together. We should also have appropriate geographical representation and different parts of the world involved so that mods are available 24/7.

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