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Chat Bot Revolution is Coming: The New Era of Customer Services

Chat Bot Revolution is Coming: The New Era of Customer Services

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The way companies and customers interact has dramatically changed over the past decade. Traditional marketing and PR efforts outlived their usefulness, having become ineffective and, what’s more, annoying. An average user will be more likely to “ignore” pop-up ads, than to fall for it. Statistics have shown that more than 60% of layman users are using adblock, ublock, etc. That’s why the best way for the company to attract customers is to ‘enter’ their private lives – in other words, to become their friend. And the ideal solution of how to succeed is to be integrated with social media and messengers. Modern people are obsessed with messengers, and that is true. Because we trust them. We store and share sensitive information there. People have got their noses poked into smartphones for hours each day, chatting, watching memes and even doing business. The average user spends from 1 to 2.5 hours in messengers – that is 30% of the time spent with smartphones. That comes with no surprise, because messengers are easy, free and bring all the aspects of our lives together. The social media field is constantly evolving, bringing new solutions which ease and simultaneously improve user’s experience. One of these is a chat bot - new tool designed to simplify the interaction between users and companies or organizations. By 2025, the chat bot market capitalization will reach $ 1.25 billion. According to the HubSpot study, 47% of users will make purchases through the bot, while people aged 26 to 36 are going to spend about $ 670 on purchases. Another study by Juniper Research shows quite interesting statistics. It says that chat bots save more than 5 minutes, compared to the traditional call centers. As of now, in the banking sector 20% of all communications are carried out through chat bots without human intervention. It is expected that this figure will reach 80% by the end of 2020.

One of the textbook examples of how to combine two rapidly developing spheres in one is Chatex bot. It is a Telegram-based bot-service cryptocurrency exchange, headquartered in Tallin, Estonia. It brings unprecedented simplicity and user-friendliness to the crypto exchange market, allowing users to interact quickly and seamlessly.

Time will tell, whether chat bots will be able to conquer the digital world. But judging the above, all the signs are there.

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