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Christmas Presents from Jelly - try atomic swap and win 300DAI

Christmas Presents from Jelly - try atomic swap and win 300DAI

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Hey guys, we released our dApp on the testnet and we want to reach as many people as possible to give feedback on how it works and how to improve it.

Jelly enables atomic swaps and looks a bit like Uniswap but the main difference is that we enable cross-chain transactions. This means, with Jelly you can exchange coins from different blockchains, e.g. BTC-ETH.

It is nothing like Changelly or Shapeshift because an atomic swap is actually executed - coins are transferred/exchanged between the blockchains. It is absolutely decentralized and nearly feeless. The UI is extremely simple - everything happens in a few clicks.

Now we start a new Bounty. You can join and try the dApp.

???? "Swapping December" ????

One of all swaps executed on Jelly in December will win 300$. On the 2nd of January, we will select one random address (live ???? ) which will receive 300 DAI.
Start swapping! ????

It is very simple - you just go to and execute a swap. It takes a few minutes even less. At the moment you can choose to swap ETH, BTC, TRX.
DAI is coming soon. We are also working on EOS and AE.

If you need help with the swap, you can watch this video -

You can also vote in our survey which trading pair you want to see on the dApp - you will help us prioritize our development.

If you find any bugs or confusions, please give us a hint so that we can fix it and improve the dApp.

Also, you can join the discussion in our Facebook group

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