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Claimed BSV Long After the Fork, and It’s a Piece of Cake

Claimed BSV Long After the Fork, and It’s a Piece of Cake

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Hi, everyone!

Having joined in 2016, I can call myself a long time Bitcoin enthusiast. I started off with Bitcoin Core, and even though storing the ledger on my disk space was a bit of a hassle, overall things went perfectly fine.

That is, until the Bitcoin Cash fork in 2017, after which I gave up on the idea and switched to Jaxx. Overall, it was a significant improvement for me, as I began expanding my portfolio and diving into crypto again.

But last year I somehow missed the BSV fork. I thought it was too late to jump on that train, as Jaxx never supported it, and I didn’t bother looking elsewhere at the moment.

Recently I stumbled upon Magnum, a wallet that declares it can handle any fork claiming. So I decided to give a try but still emptied my BCH account beforehand, then imported the private key in Magnum and, surprisingly, it worked! I got my long awaited BSV and proceeded to claim a whole lot of other forks I didn't even know I could claim.

If you are a lazy bum like me and still haven’t done this, it’s about time. Just pick a wallet you trust that can do that for you, and be careful.

P.S. If you can recommend any other wallets or services with such functionality, make sure to mention them in the comments, as I personally believe that people should know about it.

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