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Clarifying Question..

Clarifying Question..

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Hi guys.. A quick question.. I am trading for the past year or so.. But I always had the issue that am not infront of the PC the whole time.. And I miss on the good time to exit a trade due to work or other affaris..

Now my question is.. Is there a way to put a limit sell call both above and below the buying price?.. If I think the coin will go up 10% then I will set a limit sell call at the point.. But I want to set a sell call at 3% if the coin drops in price.. I understand how limit calls work.. But just wanted to make sure am not missing something in binance.. Since setting it up the way I mentioned will provide safty when am not around.. And it will provide opportunity to sell when again am not around to make the call when the gains happen..

So is there a way to set to calls on the same coin?..

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