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Coinjer: Most elaborate Crypto scam I've seen to date

Coinjer: Most elaborate Crypto scam I've seen to date

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Hey everyone, making a post about "coinjer" - an extremely elaborate cryptocurrency scam that you may have been messaged about lately. I'm making this post because I wasn't able to find any information about them anywhere, making me think this is a brand new scam. I was contacted via discord with a message about winning 0.25 BTC from being a member of one of their network's cryptocurrency affiliate discords (along with a nicely produced article about the giveaway).

The website is extremely well made, as is the user agreement and code. You'll be sent a promo code that allows you to add 0.25 BTC to your account which you can seemingly exchange for other cryptos or fiat currency. There's an extremely convincing about us page once you're logged in with names, titles and pictures of the founders and locations of their institution, and they even link a corporate registration number of a financial institution in the UK.

Despite how well the site was developed, the red flags gave this away for me were:
1. Very recent registration on namecheap (within the past 3 months) via whois with all hidden information.
2. None of the people in "About us" return any information on linkedin - nor does the company, coinjer
3. There is no "Coinjer" as a registered company in the UK.
4. The passwords and security are too simple on the website
5. You can use this promo code on any newly created account
6. You must make a deposit in order to withdraw.

Please be very wary of this, warn any less-savy friends and if anyone sends this site to you please report them. Happy trading!

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