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Carefull dont trust these wolves, I put everything I have into there system with the local coinstar machine, and have regretted every second of it. I can back 100% of my story with documents and references. They put all my dads money on hold because of "suspicious" activity when all I have done is help my dying father out with the process of all this, through the whole ordeal my father has been right next to me and they were rude and yelling at me AND my dad asking why we wanted to buy crypto currency. I have proof that everything is %100 true and they are still holding our money and treating us like dog sh*t.

Here is my latest response to there rude, interrogating, and flat out incriminating phone call, it was so demeaning it had me in tears. Please boycott this company if at all possible. I will be typing up and posting the complete story over blogs and social media until they help us and give our money back.

This is the story and the emails I sent so far to Coinme support...

Coinme Support Apr 5, 2020, 9:42 AM (16 hours ago) Greetings! My name is Krystie with the Customer Experience Team for Coinme. Thank you for contacting our support team! May I please request you provide us a cal> 1:22 AM (45 minutes ago) to support

I dont appreciate getting treated like a criminal for trying to help my DYING father out. The man just lost his wife the day after christmas due to cancer and less then a month ago he had another heart attack killing 25% more of his heart. Through this all he has for income is social security at 1,500 a month. I moved up here from LA to help him with his ranch and the animals along with the finances. when I moved here we both got sick with pneumonia and he just got out of the hospital from that. Plus with the corona virus bs my entire county is on lockdown inside there homes so I cant go to work here. So, I sold my car and tried to invest in to monero so I could take advantage of the current volatile currency market (hopefully) and help him pay the mortgage that has already passed on his beautiful house just had just finished building with everything he has worked for AND his wife had worked for. You guys called me and treated up both like criminals for using your service and take our money? Then have an attitude when we are confused why and not helping us one bit, still keeping the money without a further word!!! I am not USING anybodies information, IT IS MY DYING 73 YEAR OLD FATHER FOR GOD SAKES have a friggin heart you monsters. YOU are the criminals we have done nothing wrong except trusting you with our livelihood. I am going to post this incident all over social media and contact my father lawyer if you dont just HELP ME! How heartless can you be do you really NEED our little bit of money that bad you would do such a thing?

Sam########## <> 1:42 AM (25 minutes ago) to support

YOU SEE WHY?????? You kept yelling at me and my father asking why like its any of your business what we do with our money. I can back up any verify EVERYTHING I have said including why I want to invest into monero and how every single day you hold my money you are killing us. Look at a recent chart of monero and even a 3 year old could figure out why I want to invest in it. Its gone up 45% in 14 days 5% every single day, Im not stupid or a criminal Im just poor and under some odd circumstantial hard times. Please dont make it worse for us then it all has been and is, People will have a field day with this story on social media and boycott your company I can guarantee that much. All this is just beyond me how anybody could be so misunderstanding and cold hearted. look for yourself medusa

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