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Coinsquare aren't responding to me after 6 figures wire

Coinsquare aren't responding to me after 6 figures wire

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Hello everyone.

1 month ago I sold BTC to coinsquare, and wired ***K CAD (6 figures) to my bank account. My bank wasn't crypto friendly so they decided to return the wire to coinsquare.

Fast forward a few weeks later, coinsquare receives the wire from my bank, and it's still not credited on my account.

Coinsquare aren't answering my emails and it's been a full week that they have my funds from the bank.

I was told I would have access to my money last week yet still nothing. I don't want to spam support, I already sent support ticket.

No answers.

What should I do everyone ? This quadrigacx story got me extremely paranoid and I have NO IDEA what to expect at this point.

The fact that Coinsquare isn't responding to me is making me 10x more worried about my funds. What is going on ? Should I consult my lawyer about this ? Are we seeing the same Quadriga story happen with Coinsquare ?

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