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Community Review of Smart Contracts

Community Review of Smart Contracts

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Hi everyone, I’m a developer at a startup that is aiming to build a decentralized marketplace for AI-generated media. We plan to launch our first product “Meme Pools” very soon, which basically takes the interest generated from a pool of DAI to sponsor the creation of AI-generated memes!

We also plan to mint our token soon. It would be great if any developers can review the smart contracts - your help will ensure the safe creation of the next generation of memes:

Token Contract - Rinkeby URL with source code:

  1. Uses OpenZeppelin libraries Mintable, Burnable, Pausable, and Detailed

  2. Can only be minted and paused by wallets with minter/pauser roles (which can be given or removed at any time by the owner of the token contract)

  3. An additional functionality was added to the OpenZeppelin MinterRole.sol so that a Cap can be set later on (by minters) to define the maxSupply upon which no more tokens can be minted (team prefers to have the ability to set this later on vs on deployment, thus not going with the Capped standard from OpenZeppelin)

  4. The burning functionality can be used a) by users to burn their own tokens, and b) by smart contracts that have allowance to use certain tokens

Staking Contract - Allows users to stake their DAI for a custom period of time and receive a custom amount of tokens as a rewards while their DAI interest is saved into the smart contract. Rinkeby URL with source code:

  1. Contract owner(s) can update at any time the following variables: ‘tokenRewardAmount’, ‘minDAIStakingTime’, ‘minDAIStakingAmount’ - plus the contract addresses for ’token’, ‘dai’, and ’cDai’ - owner(s) can also call the methods ‘withdrawDAI’ and ‘withdrawToken’ to withdraw any ‘dai’/‘tokens’ available on the contract, plus ‘pauseContract’ and ‘unPauseContract’ to pause/unpause interactions with the Staking Contract

  2. Users can call the methods:

a) ‘stakeDAI’ which sends users’ ‘dai’ to the Compound protocol, a ‘token’ reward to the user, and ‘cDAI’ to the smart contract

b) ’getDAIStakingInfo’ to get their staking details and variables from the contract,

c) ’unstakeDAI’ to get their ‘dai’ plus ‘availableRewards’ (this will update ‘amountRewarded’), and

d) ’claimRewards’ to withdraw their ‘availableRewards’ from the Staking Contract (c. and d. can only be called after ‘minDAIStakingTime’ passes after the last time they staked)

  1. By staking ‘minDAIStakingAmount’ users gets access to a ‘token’ reward amount immediately and after that they are able to ‘claimRewards’ every time ‘minDAIStakingTime’ passes - a ‘stakedTimestamp’ is saved/updated into the contract to keep track of the last time the user staked and properly calculate ‘availableRewards’

  2. The amount of ‘token’ reward is calculated dividing a) the amount of ‘dai’ staked by the user, for b) minDAIStakingAmount’, and then multiplying the result for c) ’tokenRewardAmount’

  3. The user can increase their ‘dai’ staked anytime and at that point their available rewards are saved into ‘accumulatedRewards’ in order to keep an accurate count of ‘availableRewards’ (since the rewards depend not only on amount but also time staked)

Thank you!

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