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Convince me please

Convince me please

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I hold a handsome sum of XRP, solely because of it's popularity. I would like an explanation of why I should hold on through this bull market.

My biggest skepticism has to do with the value/ use case aspect of XRP. I'm still not convinced the value in satoshis or USD shouldn't be very high since it is simply used for remittances. People have been claiming XRP will be the currency of the future but it's not even it's mission/objective.

Are you holding on to XRP in the hopes that you will transact with it to others in the future as a currency? Are you holding on believing that since banks will adopt it/replace it with SWIFT that ..... what then???? this part is missing for me. If banks are using XRP, how does that even work for my personal XRP??? i'm not a bank, i'm not going to be using it for remittances. I'm scratching my head here so if anyone can please fill in the holes for me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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