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Craig Wright caught lying again!

Craig Wright caught lying again!

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On 10 february Craig Wright tried to convince people that he is Satoshi Nakamoto by releasing an abstract of a research paper called "Black Net" that he supposedly wrote for the Australian government in 2001. The abstract is almost identical to the official Bitcoin whitepaper of October 2008. However, Satoshi had a draft in August 2008 of the Bitcoin whitepaper and when we compare the draft with the official Bitcoin whitepaper, we can see that the corrections made between August and October 2008 are also found in the Craig's paper from "2001". This proves again that he is a liar.


Long version:

What's new in the world of Craig Wright the endless bullshitter?

A few days ago Craig Wright announced that out of desperation he has been "forced" to come out and say he is Satoshi again (pinky swear!). He wrote some articles and tweets about it since then. I've committed myself to dive deep into his diarrhea with the goal of finding a few nuggets of solid shit, and I did!

He tweeted yesterday sharing what he says is a R&D paper he had submitted to the Australian government in 2001, yes a whole 7 years before the official release of the bitcoin whitepaper! Now of course you might say skoopitup, why did you make your eyes bleed and read his twitter? And honestly I don't know, maybe it's because I'm Satoshi.

The R&D paper he supposedly submitted in 2001 is about "Black Net", a precursor of Bitcoin. He tweeted the abstract of black net here:

Since many years it is well known in Bitcoin that Satoshi shared a draft of the original Bitcoin whitepaper with Wei Dai and others. Link:

There, you can see the Bitcoin whitepaper draft from august 2008 contains multiple differences with the final bitcoin whitepaper of October 2008. (Quick link to corrections made by Satoshi to the draft to form the final whitepaper:

Now the abstract of Craig's fake paper 2001 'Black Net':


Bloody scam artists.

Off-topic: I also found a selfie of Craig Wright:

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