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Creating a token for an international company

Creating a token for an international company

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Okay I hope this is allowed, I am not a crypto expert at all. I am the most knowing in my family, but I’m not even close to being an authority on the subject so I am reaching out. My company is relaunching their website to more e-commerce in the next few months here. We sell in retailers around the world, we rank #1 in our subfield of sales and are reputable in the overall landscape of our sales realm. Our direct sales went live last year through amazon, meaning we manufacture it, store it ourselves and ship it through UPS ourselves rather than allowing amazon or any other retailer to do it for us. We wish to expand this with our website. Our site is going to be set up to support bitcoin exchanges through bitpay as it stands, this is where my understanding basically ends. Someone on reddit suggested we tokenize, create our own coin! It is not a terrible idea we are a lifestyle brand that’s survived for 50 year! Meaning we aren’t a fluke and our cliental is now generations old and we still see growth.

My question is what does this all entail? I read into contract tokens through etherum but it just sounds like a backdoor way to publicizing a private company. We are family owned and operated so there’s zero desire to go public with it, but the benefits could be there.

Side bar: I have no idea if we are technically international company or an international brand, we only operate in the US, but we sell to retailers around the world. Confirmed sales in like 150+ companies but all of our employees are in the US.

TLDR: large life style company wants to take advantage of how dedicated it’s loyal fanbase is with a token that both supports our brand and gives our buyers more options and a little perk for buying with us by tokenizing.

If this is an illegal post here on the forum I totally understand, I don’t wish to muddy this up I just figured I’d open the discussion on tokenizing

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