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Credibility of odd crypto exchange...?

Credibility of odd crypto exchange...?

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Hello. I have someone wanting to purchase something from me for 1 bitcoin. He claims, however, that the crypto exchange that he uses has told him he cannot withdraw any additional crypto currency for the month. He proposes that I create an account on there and then he send it to me that way. He has already disagreed to send it to my Coinbase address for reasons stated above. I looked at the website and think it may be either legit but very basic or simply scammy. The domain has been registered for several years (so it isn't a recent attempt to scam). I looked up it's physical address on google maps and it may or may not be legit. What would you guys do/how would you approach such a situation? I really, really, really want to sell it to him for that bitcoin. Funny thing is that I cannot even find in a google search - but then again Google has been impossible to work with for own company for the last 6 months. Thanks in advance!!

EDIT: Capitalized the C on "coinbase". Added more descriptive information.

EDIT #2: THANK YOU ALL, VERY MUCH!! Who down voted-this question, shame on you. Anyhow, the platform has informed me that they have perma-banned the scammer due to someone else's complaint prior to mine. And, in the comments below, I mention how someone private msg'd me and said they had been scammed too. They had details that I did not mention publicly so I know they were legit. I love you guys, the crypto community as a whole does too, whether they know it now or not.

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