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Crypto conflict

Crypto conflict

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by COINS NEWS 52 Views

I’m so conflicted right now with the on going war between XLM and XRP.

Trust that I’ve done my research about each one and own heavy bags in each. At the end of the day it is still a gamble/risk investment. Any project can decide to pivot in the wrong direction just to see it crash and burn. It’s an unforgiving market.

I’ve made my share of money already so let’s say that if it all went away it would be house money that would disappear.

Knowing that it’s house money my emotions are still invested and conflicted as if my life savings were on the line.

I want all to win, I want every single one of you who took the risk in this new market to be successful, you deserve to be rewarded for having the balls to believe in an opportunity of. Lifetime. The reality is that only some of us might be successful based on the project invested. It’s soooo early on that it’s impossible to forecast what will happen. Just reference 2018 events and activities.

Coming back to my conflict, I have to decide if I’m gonna drop all my XLM and convert it to ONT , I’m a firm believer in XRP if I have to choose between that and Stellar.

Anyway, thanks for listening.

Love and peace.

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