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Crypto Novice Looking For A Little Guidance

Crypto Novice Looking For A Little Guidance


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Hey there,

I am assisting a not-so-computer-savvy relative manage their cryptocurrencies through Binance. This is all new to me as well so I'm looking for a little help in regard to one issue.

I understand that they can transfer cryptos to Coinbase in order to cash out through their bank and that the price can fluctuant during that time.

This is where I am stuck- since Coinbase does not support all of their cryptos, does this mean I need to find other wallets for each crypto that Coinbase does not support since it doesn't appear there is an all-inclusive wallet that supports every crypto out there?

One thought I had would be to transfer a crypto that they are looking to cash out that is not supported by Coinbase to another crypto through Binance that Coinbase does support. Probably a little risky doing that though.

Anything you have to offer would be much appreciated!

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


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