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Cryptocurrency can be a great investment for young people

Cryptocurrency can be a great investment for young people

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Putting a large amount into crypto all at once is gambling, period.

However if you are young, healthy and have an income. Cryptocurrency can act as a great high reward/high risk long term investment because you will have the ability to buy each month with small amounts and will live long enough to ride out any major dips in the next 10-20 years.

Ofc nobody should exclusively invest in only cryptocurreny. But adding it as part of your investments each month could pay off.

I never worry about whether the price is going up or down or side to side.

I put 2.5% of my income per month into crypto, 2.5% into stocks and shares funds. Then 5% into cash savings.

There's a lot of money to be made in this space but there's also a lot to lose of you become emotionally attached. Play it cool and invest small each month.. For example if you put just $25 into crypto each month and your holdings value increases on average just 50% per year (not unheard of in the cryptocurrency space) for 11 years. You will have $141,000.

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