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Curious Questions About Metamask And Its Security

Curious Questions About Metamask And Its Security

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Hi guys, I have some questions about Metamask and its security. So, recently I went to starbucks and used its public wifi. And of course, I also used VPN on top of it. Then, I accessed metamask on my browser to check some DeFi stats by connecting my metamask to a web page (Curve). However, I instantly remember how some people made claims that public wifi is not secure and we shouldn't try to log into important pages using public wifi.

I'm not that technical but just curious if there's any slight possibility that my metamask sensitive info (private key or backup phrase or even just the standard password to login to the metamask extension) get leaked through the public wifi for any kind of reason? And if the answer is yes, would using Linux/Ubuntu help? because i have two different laptops, one with ubuntu and one with windows 10.

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