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Current e-mail SCAM going on.

Current e-mail SCAM going on.

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Got this e-mail. It's the 2nd one I've received in 30 days, only different amount asking for. Don't be duped by these fear tactics. I marked out the sensitive info w/ (-) dashes.


For You Wed 5/22/2019 1:34 PM Hi!

I know your password is: ----------

Because infected your computer with my private malware, RAT ( Remote Administrator Tool ).

The malware gave me full control to your computer and full access to all your accounts, it also has the option to turn your webcam on and spy on you, this is no joke such things exist, you can google it.

I collected all your private data, like pictures, documents, videos.

But what I also did, was A VIDEO (throught your webcam) WHERE YOU STATISFY YOURSELF!
If you don't pay exactly 1000$ with bitcoin ( btc ), I will send this video to all your contacts, post it on social network, over email and everywhere else!

I will publish absolutly everything I collected from you, you know your darkest secrets won't be no longer secret.

We both know that it's is a very good price compared to the hell your life will be after that!

I give you 2 days time to get the bitcoin and pay me, since I got access to your account, I know if this mail has been already read.

I sent this email multiple times so you don't miss it.

Don't show this email to anyone, you will make everything worse and I doubt that there is someone who could help you out in this situation, I'm the only one, so don't blow your chance!

My bitcoin wallet is: ---------------------------

The wallet to receive and send bitcoin with current exact rate, you can create here: -------------------------------------

If you don't know where and how to buy bitcoin, google: "Where to buy bitcoin?", it's a very simple task, for example with credit card.

After payment I will remove everything I collected and you can life your live in peace like before!

Next time update your browser and scan your files here: ------------------------------------

If you want to know how you got infected, I tell you, I placed my iframe on the website you browsed, the iframe redirected you in the background to my exploitpack ( multiple browser exploits, wich targets random vulnerabilities ).

Shit happens in life, take care the next time!
MailClientID: 9904644236

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