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Daily Discussion Thread 02/11/21 [Join FlareXRP Discord] -

Daily Discussion Thread 02/11/21 [Join FlareXRP Discord] -

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Hello! Welcome to our daily discussion thread.

Discuss anything related to Ripple, XRP, and Flare.

Read r/Ripple sub rules before posting and check out the thread containing helpful links:

Join FlareXRP Discord:

This is a public Discord server searchable using "Explore Public Servers" with keywords such as XRP, Flare, Ripple, Crypto, and DeFi on Discord and is 100% dedicated to XRP, Flare Network, and Flare Finance Community. We'll continue to grow and expand by including more participants in the XRPL and the Flare Network.

In addition, we support international communities; we currently have channels for Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Turkish speaking members and we'll add more as we go.

We also have founders from Flare Network and Flare Finance as well as youtubers and influencers in our Discord. Come join and say hi in #general-chat today!

If you see any post or comment that violates one or more sub rules, use this link to contact the mod team on Reddit or report violations in Discord.

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