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DarkDAOs vs Current [Ethereum] Governance Structure

DarkDAOs vs Current [Ethereum] Governance Structure

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I would like to collect contra- and pro-positions with respect to on-chain voting, where coin buying and plutocracy are regarded as an issue.

A good introduction to DarkDAOs, quadratic voting (and identity dilemma):

Anti on-chain voting arguments:

* coin voting is really not a voting scheme, since votes are not secret

* DarkDAO is a scalable bribing solution

* Plutocracy

* Quadratic voting does not work without identities

Pro on-chain voting arguments:

Instead of buying votes it is much much easier and cheaper to influence potential coin voters opinions:

* social media channels (e.g. check how few and mostly the same moderators are managing channels like /r/ethtrader or /r/ethereum)

* bribing some of the more popular blockchain personalities

* bribing core devs directly

* developing an Ethereum client and advertising it, such that it gets more popular. Bribe core dev meetings this way.

* Plutocracy implies that people have incentives to vote correctly, when having more at stake. A similar model works in the shareholder model in the global economy.

* Easy access for people to vote

Compared to these risks, on-chain voting is the lesser evil in my opinion. What do you think?

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