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Dear BCH attacker(s), thank you for your ongoing efforts...

Dear BCH attacker(s), thank you for your ongoing efforts...

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Without your continued efforts the exploit in the ABC implementation would've gone unnoticed. As time marches on the value of BCH grows, the stakes get higher, making it imperative to find these bugs now rather than later. BCH needs your efforts as much as it needs any project developer.

Let's face it, you must be a software developer. As such, you know how unrewarding it can be to pour over thousands of lines of your own code looking for vulnerabilities. For me, it's always been much more rewarding to make something new, something cool and exciting and watch it work.

But you've taken on the much more difficult job of combing through some other programmer's code mess with laser-like focus, looking for the smallest hole to exploit. You have the utmost patience to find the flaw for the thrill of the kill.

We know that you made the hard call. You studied the code, identified the exploit, devised the plan, and ultimately decided to spend real capital, time and effort in hopes that the reward would exceed your efforts.

I'm glad BCH is thriving well enough to incentivize you! Or perhaps you loathe BCH and that its mere existence drives you to dive deep into the code exploring endless black-hat scenarios. Whatever the mix of greed, disdain or posturing, I'm glad BCH is adequately successful to provide you with these incentives.

Reports indicate your exploit failed, but I hope this doesn't dissuade you from your continued efforts. Perhaps there will come a time when you're rewarded for your efforts, or maybe you're satisfied with spotlight on your efforts to tarnish BCH, but today I thank you for trying and contributing to the overall stability and longevity of BCH.

P.S. to all other readers; a post like this would naturally seem to end with /s, the sarcasm end-tag, but I truly think the hacker deserves some credit for the attempt. I don't condone the choice to exploit the bug, and would rather the bug simply be reported, but we would be the bigger fool if we don't expect every bug to be exploited.

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