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Decent sources skeptical/critical of Bitcoin?

Decent sources skeptical/critical of Bitcoin?

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Hey there. I am fairly new to Bitcoin, having started reading and listening about it in January this year before I felt that I understand it well enough to start investing in March. As a newbie however I had difficulties rating my sources of information at the beginning but at some point started to sort out for example those Youtube channels that are trying to give me exact price predictions with drawing endless graphs and focussed on more established and respected sources like Antonopoulos or also the Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin by Peter McCormack has helped me a lot.

However what I noticed while getting informed about Crypto is that I rarely come across people who are skeptical or critical about the future of Bitcoin while still actually understanding what they're talking about. When I listen to dozens and dozens of podcast episodes where the moderator and guest are always pretty much on the same page with every topic I feel that all of my information is just coming out of the same bubble. Of course everyone gets super bullish when only consuming optimistic opinions on Bitcoin. My goal is not to become a skeptic myself but rather to understand arguments on all sides better in order to adapt a more differentiated viewpoint. So my request: Are there any Podcasts or Youtube channels that feature proper discussions involving Bitcoin defenders but also people critical of Bitcoin who have actually given this enough thought to have a valuable opinion? I don't mean people that support other cryptocurrencies but e.g. financial experts from outside of the whole space.

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