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Decentralized open source platform for Refundable Token Offerings (RTOs) dApp - testnet demo run

Decentralized open source platform for Refundable Token Offerings (RTOs) dApp - testnet demo run

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Hey there, please take e second to check out a demonstration tryout of an autonomous, open source platform for insurance of investments in token sales (STOs, ICOs, IEOs) on the Ethereum blockchain. It will be conducted on the Rinkeby testnet so that anyone can try it without any real cost.

Just get some Rinkeby ether from beforehand and come to the demo UI at The first public demonstration tryout will be open today (Thursday 11th of July) at 11 AM CET for a limited time and number of people. The Rinkeby version of the platform is absolutely identical to the official one running on the main net and everyone can confirm that as the contracts are verified and public on

What are the Refundable Token Offerings dApp – in short: Decentralized, community-driven platform for managing a collective pool of funds, used for refunding investments in failed, abandoned or terminated ICO projects and protection against token's drop in value.

It's a 2nd-layer implementation for protection (insurance) of already made or yet to be made investment in ICO, STO or IEO - separated and independent from them. Incorporates the "DAO" principles and it's governed by the participants in it. Read more on

Make your first demo investment insurance: Go to the list of demo RTO projects -, select a demo project, go to 'New Insurance', enter the amount of your investment and confirm the 2 transactions with your MetaMask plugin: The first one is the purchase of your demo tokens and it only exists here on the demo version to simulate the investment in the project. On the main net dApp you make your investment separately just like you normally do, it is NOT made through the RTO platform.

The second one is your insurance request call to the dApp on the blockchain. In about 15 minutes your project tokens will be automatically transferred to you when the transactions are confirmed - as you have received it in exchange for your contribution to the project.

See your newly received tokens in your MetaMask plugin by clicking 'Add token' in the menu then 'Custom token' and enter the token details displayed in the project information above. Participate in the project governance via the controls on the project page.

If you have questions or need support - ask in the support chat on or even better – here – so that more people can see the problem and its solution. Follow Refundable token offerings platform on Twitter at to stay in touch.

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