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Depression and life of a crypto trader

Depression and life of a crypto trader

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by COINS NEWS 30 Views

Hey everyone, just feel like I need a place to write down my thoughts. Have been trading crypto full time for the past 5 years almost 6 years now. Basically traded my social life for being on the computer 24/7 for the past 5 years learning and trading. Girlfriend left shortly after I found Bitcoin in 2014. Lost contact with almost all my friends in the process as well. Feel like my social life skills have deteriorated. Just have relationships with fellow crypto traders on the net now...I only have myself to blame though as I let crypto consume my entire life. I have lived and breathed it for the past years and I now find myself on a different level financially than all my peers. Now that Bitcoin is finally becoming more mainstream some old friends of mine are really making an effort to reach out and ask questions...I told them all to get involved years ago. Seems like they only care to reach out now they see I’ve made so much money.

I see the world so much differently now that I am not worried about making money...feel like I can see who is fake and real now towards me. Family is all I have left. Even they feel distant now...I also just look around and feel horribly sad. Everyone I know has to work 9-5. Something just doesn’t feel right in this world. I feel alone. No amount of money can change this feeling.

Anyways. I just wanted to make a post put my thoughts out there as they’ve been driving me crazy. I need to get off the PC and back in the gym and get my head right ....I know we are truly apart of something amazing here and most of the world does not fully understand yet. These hard times will pay off in the future. Anyone else going through similar stuff just keep your head up and stay focused.

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