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Devil's advocate

Devil's advocate

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So moons are earned based on your upvotes on posts and comments. This would imply that you need to say things that everyone agrees with. And saying things that counter the majority would most likely result in low upvotes if any.

How do you properly bring up rebuttals or an opposing view here? I believe constructive criticism and getting as many perspectives as possible are key to progress so shouldn't that be rewarded?

For instance I have never had a care to purchase BTC. I am grateful for it being the first major crypto and introducing it to everyone but I don't care for its future. Other projects are meant to grow and create change in the world.

BTC set the message/standard, others are attempting to surpass it. I've come across so many different coins that all are doing awesome feats like creating ecosystems, further securing transfers, reducing gas fees, solving supply chain issues, creating entertainment and so on.

Edit: Is every post also full of shilling?

Edit2: So share an alternate opinion sparking meaningful discussion about certain topics and miss out on a cool crypto reward system.


Suck up to popular opinions pushed by flashy accounts with high numbers hoping you gain enough attention amongst the carbon copy comments next to yours?

Edit3: I also didn't agree with the censoring of certain coins. As the crypto subreddit all coins should be discussed and its tech talked about and let those who read decide if it's worth their investment.

Multiple coins in the past were "brigading" and I don't recall a censoring issue then. Hell there isn't one now and I'm seeing multiple shills of coins that have been around for years. Why not censor them? Because you can just keep scrolling.

Edit4: u/rafakata suggested a token that is distributed based on high up votes and high down votes (controversial). We could have moons and plutos!

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