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There are rumours that Ripple has 2 different prices.

The price on the exchanges (right now around 0.40 usd/xrp) and some other (probably higher) price for their ODL partners.

From the perspective of ODL partner the price of XRP does not matter. They just want to move the value. That's all. For them, it is irrelevant wether the price is 1 usd or 10 000 usd. They just borrow the needed amount of XRP, do the transaction and get invoice later.

The concern of a newbie (me) is that they can run XRP private ledger "forever" for say 10k usd/xrp this year, when they grow they just hike the price to 100k usd/xrp etc.

The good thing about the higher price on private ledger is that there will be no selling to secondary markets because it does not make sense to sell a token that is worth 1k for 0.40 usd.

Also, the other advantage is that Ripple might benefit financially the arbitrage opportunity (buy for 0.40 usd from exchange, then sell it to ODL partners for 1000 usd).

In order to be able to run 2 different prices the withdrawals of XRP could be allowed to the users, but not deposits of XRP because if they allow deposits, the users would buy tokens for 0.40 usd on exchange and use it on the private ledger with value of 1000 usd.

Ripple has not denied not agreed if there is 2 different prices AFAIK.

Any thoughts? Could this be possible? Pros and cons if this is the case?

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