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Digital Gold to Digital Real Estate

Digital Gold to Digital Real Estate

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I had a recent thought that I wanted to share with the community.

While digital gold is the prevailing narrative at the moment (much easier to understand and completely accurate with the current use case), IMO digital real estate will eventually become the prevailing narrative as Bitcoin begins to reshape the Internet.

To understand my reasoning, think of the real invention here. For the first time in human history we have a giant ledger in the sky that anyone can access, or write to, and no one can change or manipulate. The true value prop of Bitcoin over anything else is that it is the only ledger that has outgrown the control of any individual or group. The Bitcoin tokens represent the ability to write to that great immutable ledger in the sky. Right now, we are really only using this in one way. I use thousands of satoshis of my BTC to write to the ledger a transaction that gives some other amount of my satoshis to another address. What we are really transferring here is the power to write to this ledger. This ledger will also be around as long as the internet is, completely outside of anyone's control. When we talk about scaling, we are really talking about making it cost less satoshis to transfer that power and/or write to the ledger thus creating more abundance with the ledger itself encouraging more people to use it for more things.

I heard a talk recently from the founder of Celsius about how phone companies thought it was crazy talk that their phone lines would end up running over the internet. The reaction being "What are you talking about? People connect to the internet with their phone line by modem you idiot". And just like phone lines running across the internet was a silly idea at the time, the internet eventually running on the Bitcoin Blockchain seems silly right now.

I don't know what this will end up looking like, but I am so excited. I always considered getting to witness the internet's birth and growth as one of the greatest privileges of my life and it grew to be more amazing than anything I could have imagined as a child. What the internet did for self publication and communication, I think Bitcoin will do for self sovereignty and, more importantly, personal/societal trust.

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