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Do you honestly believe bitcoin would ever replace banks.

Do you honestly believe bitcoin would ever replace banks.

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This was a question that /u/Tew_Wet asked me on another comment and I felt I should make a post about it. Before 2018 it looked like Bitcoin was going to take over the world in only a few years. Now there are a lot of skeptical people that fear Bitcoin or lost a lot "investing" in Bitcoin and are scared to get involved again. People don't understand that Bitcoin is meant to be used as a monetary system to make you free. Most people think that it is a get quick rich scheme that won't work anymore. I don't think people care enough about their personal freedom or privacy in life or money. I think that something can or will some day replace banks and this is the starting foundation to it all.

I trust Bitcoin and it gave me something money never could and that was freedom. A major problem that I see to Bitcoin is the hodl mentality. In order to get Bitcoin to rise in popularity we need it to be used as a currency. The best use case that I see for Bitcoin is to replace Western Union and all money transfer services which could mean banks but there will still always be a need for loans. It is cheaper and faster and safer to send crypto internationally over any other option. The only people that were using it as a currency were the dark web guys and now there is so many problems with that I think usage is probably slowing down there too.

We need to get more Bitcon awareness out there. We need more people to adopt and use Bitcoin, move Bitcoin around using it as a currency. A major problem I see is that people always have an excuse for not using bitcoin and what it comes down to for real is that Bitcoin is too hard for them to learn. But what it really comes down to for real is they are too lazy to learn about Bitcoin and automatically assume, Bitcoin, Computers, it's too hard for me and they never look into it at all. For Bitcoin to be adopted us as a community need to do more to show Bitcoin to the world and make people understand.

Q. Do I honestly believe that Bitcoin could replace banks.

A. I don't know.

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