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Does IOTA Staking require a constant internet connection?

Does IOTA Staking require a constant internet connection?

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Real noob here so forgive if dumb question and please correct me if I'm misunderstanding.

So in traditional POS, if you stake, you are given chance to validate and reap reward. However if you validate a fraudulent claim or fail to validate (ie. not connected to internet), then your stake may be penalised. So to be a validator you need a constantly be connected to internet.

As I understand it, IOTA staking isnt to become a validator, but to gain, access and use any new tokens generated from new projects/usages (such as shimmer).

Therefore, as staking isnt for validation but to for access to new tokens, would you need constant internet access?

My internet is very unreliable and I can lose it for several hours straight.

So, during these outages, would I simply just lose access to being able to use and gain new tokens? But regain access when reconnected? Is there penalties on staked IOTAs or?

Thanks in advance and sorry if I'm just being dumb and misunderstanding. Only found out about IOTA yesterday. Cheers.

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