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Does RippleNet include an accruals/invoicing function?

Does RippleNet include an accruals/invoicing function?

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TL;DR - is there a way to request payment and settle fees automatically or almost automatically within the products that Ripple currently offer?

Say you're not an FI, bank (or even if you are), if there functionality within RippleNet to accrue fees, or invoice other companies and settle the bill via RippleNet?

An example would be where a weekly, monthly, quarterly etc fee was always due to the same counterparty. Could you set this fee up in RippleNet for example to pay X company $Y per month automatically by settling the cash automatically or at least doing nothing much more than hitting confirm/approve on such a transaction to settle it immediately.

At the moment, companies have very outdated mechanisms for paying regular fees. Email arrives with an invoice, payment needs set up with no real efficiency gained from having paid this same fee X number of times before and then a new payment instruction is set up (or maybe at best copied from a template).

What would save a lot of companies a lot of time, effort and expense would be if you could request payment with the messaging service, attach an electronic invoice and the other party could basically check the invoice and hit a button to settle it (or if it is a recurring fee to the same counterparty, automate payment if there are sufficient funds).

Does anyone know if this functionality is available?

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