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Dogescape! New game which needs your help!

Dogescape! New game which needs your help!

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Dogecape Version 0.0.3

Main idea:

Dogecape will be an MMORPG game that will completely free to play! Players will be able to explore the world and complete quests to earn Doge, The in-game currency. Players will also be able to go on horde runs.

MMORPG Economy:

On the mmorpg portation of the game people can go on Dogecape and complete quests to earn certain items. Players can also grind/find material to create new items. Players can sell these items to other players. The game doesn’t set a defined cost/sell the price for an item that is defined by the player base. For example, let say you found a diamond skull which is a 1 out of 56,890 chances of finding. You try to sell it for 50,000 Doge, but the market price is 23,000 Doge. You can hold to your diamond skull until market value increases and then sell it. We will make it so you can sell your ingame items on a secure website for usd or accepted cryptocurrencies. Only accepted crypto so far is dogecoin and Litecoin. [Dogecoin]


Quests will be a long or arduous search for something. Quest awards will be a various amount of items. Harder quest will earn rarer items and the lowest more common items. An example of a quest is, “Mine 1000 stone.” which you may get 5 doge and stone skull.


The ingame currency doge will be worth:

  • $1 = 1000 doge
  • 530 Dogecoin = 1000 doge
  • 0.00841866 Ether = 1000 doge [Soon will be added]
  • 0.02143906 Lite = 1000 doge

Horde run

If your bored with grinding and quests you can do horde runs. Horde runs is an arcade style combat with waves of enemies. Up to four players can join together to fight against 50(editable if you want) waves of the Horde. The difficulty increases as the players advance through the waves. Horde can be played on any multiplayer map.

We need you help to create this game!

For 0.00044722 lite get your nickname before the game comes out

For 0.00085379 doges get a custom cape for your character!!!

This is a discount that Will only last for 1 week before it runs out! Get yours now!!!

Games Reddit: r/Dogescape

Games Discord:

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