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Don’t be like me! Cryptopia funds gone

Don’t be like me! Cryptopia funds gone

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In December 2017 I started an experiment called buyandhold100crypto where I bought 1000$ of Bitcoin and with 10$ of Bitcoin I bought the top 100 Cryptocurrencies in CoinMarketCap and wanted to HODL them for 5 years.

To buy all the cryptocurrencies needed I had to use several exchanges,one of which was Cryptopia, where I bought about 20 of the crypto I needed.

Long story short,because of the very high fee to withdraw I kept my coins on Cryptopia and my funds are now all gone! Which means I’ll have to buy them back to run the experiment.

Just a friendly suggestion,whenever you can withdraw your cryptocurrencies from the exchanges and hold them on a wallet you own the private key!

Link to the experiment and screenshot of the funds on on Cryptopia

Stay safe everyone

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