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Earning KAVA as rewards by locking BNB on KAVA app.. or not?

Earning KAVA as rewards by locking BNB on KAVA app.. or not?


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I´m new to Binance and its environment by the way. However, everyday I see something very innovative and interesting when I try to use the platform and "connected" / related apps. Thank you to team and people supports it.

I´m not sure if it´s the right place and right way to ask about this (an I searched here and in general web and KAVA app´s documents, no answer I could find) but with a hope of this being helpful for people like me:

About KAVA, on I could connected my Trust Wallet and transferred some BNB into KAVA (app) so that I hoped I could earn some KAVA in return as reward.

Two screenshots I attach to show the current situation.

Somehow I earned some KAVA and I claimed it but silly me enough now, I´m not sure how I did it.

Why is: I transferred a few of my BNB (like 9.x BNB) to app as you see and even I can borrow some USDX again as you see in my screenshot attached.. Only when I click on borrow, I borrow and my BNB´s are locked.

So my question in short: To earn KAVA, do I have to borrow USDX? I mean the BNB I transferred to APP must be LOCKED to earn KAVA..? or?

Thank you.

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