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Easiest way to donate ether?

Easiest way to donate ether?

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I want to donate/give my ethereum away to someone/organization that can use it. I was mining for a year or so and decided to retire my rig. I have a little over 2 ether. (only had 2 GPUs going)

The problem is here in Canada the tax situation is super complicated. Every transaction is a taxable event. There is no form or anything you get in the mail in order to give to your tax person and you're expected to do all the legwork manually. I have no clue where I would even start. "doing my taxes" involves me handing off a bunch of stuff I got in the mail that says "for tax purposes" to my tax prep person. Anything beyond that I have no idea how to do. I'm a computer guy not an accountant.

Not to mention even if I figure it out I will lose most of it in the process as it's taxed at every transaction. Ex: transferring from my wallet to the exchange is a taxable event. Converting to CAD is a taxable event, and then moving it to my bank I believe is a taxable event too. Not sure what percentage it would be taxed at but it's probably high enough.

So rather than just keep the money for myself and end up giving most of it to the government and possibly make a mistake and get fined I just want to use it to help somebody else.

Is there any charities or other organizations I can just transfer it to as ether?

Also anyone know how closely CRA even looks at this stuff? Technically my wallet can be traced to my IP and then to me, but would they go that far to try to charge backtaxes if it's never even seen my real bank?

There's actually one Youtuber who I follow that can use money for a project going on but he's not setup for ethereum and does not want to go through the hassle. Is there a way I can give it to him in cash without me converting it, like some kind of 3rd party service where I just send him a link and he can get the money?

If I can't find a proper/safe way I might do some kind of random contest on my Youtube channel or something and just give it to anyone that provides a wallet address. My channel is small so it's probably going to end up going to the 1 person that might even go for it.

Open to other suggestions though, or even charities that accept it.

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