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Easiest way to sell XRP for BTC from a Ledger?

Easiest way to sell XRP for BTC from a Ledger?

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I hope this post is allowed as I know it sounds a little anti-xrp but hear me out!

When I first got into crypto a couple years back I had no idea what I was doing and kept making mistakes when buying coins through exchanges. One of these mistakes was exchanging most of my BTC for XRP. At the time I thought I'd lucked out because XRP was doing great but then it obviously plummeted so now I think it's risky to be so weighted towards XRP.

I'd just like some advice on the best way to sell some of my XRP back to BTC. Is the best way to send my XRP from my Ledger to an exchange, trade it for BTC then send the BTC back to my Ledger? Is it possible to do it from my Ledger directly? What's the best way to pay minimum fees? Apologies for my ignorance, after making so many mistakes early on, I've kind've avoided trading for a few years now.

Thank you!

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