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Eclair Lightning funds lost?

Eclair Lightning funds lost?

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Hi All-

Last year, I installed Eclair and opened a direct channel to Acinq. I had about $50 on the channel, which would be worth about $150 now. Like a dope, I deleted the app one day without thinking. I did not close the open channel to Acinq, and did not create ANY backups locally or to Google Drive. Earlier today, I finally recovered my wallet hoping that Acinq may have just force-closed the channel and the funds would have returned to my wallet. Unfortunately this is not the case (it's been many months since I deleted the app). Is there any way to reclaim these funds without a backup? If Acinq were to force-close this channel, would the funds return to my wallet or would I still need a backup in order for the funds to return to my wallet? Thanks.

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