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Electron-Cash documentation needs your help!

Electron-Cash documentation needs your help!

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Think Electron-Cash is awesome? Ever bothered by the fact that it does everything under the sun and keeps piling on more and more goodies, but the documentation here is patchy, stuck in the stone age, resulting in tonnes of confused noobs going around asking questions and getting equally confusing answers? Ever thought "man, the help page can really use some major overhaul", but then realized the devs are already burned out to a a crisp keeping the code in shape and implementing things everyone salivates over?

Most importantly, ever feel like you want to help, but have no confidence in coding?

Look no further than the Electron-Cash documentation repo, where you can submit fixes and help newbies take full advantage of the best desktop BCH wallet in town!

Q: I don't know any python, I don't think I can help.

A: You absolutely still can, as long as you have a good idea how Electron-Cash works! Remember, you're fixing the user manual - an important part of the software - but not the gears and engines themselves.

Q: I'm a noob to Github. Please tell me the fastest way to submit a fix for a typo or inaccuracy.

A: You register an account on Github, go to the above repo, find the relevant page in either "docs" or "old" folder, click the edit button top right (it looks like a pen), edit it, give it a description below, and generally click green buttons until you have successfully submitted a pull request.

Q: I know how to use Github already. Can I create a new page? Lots of features are missing!

A: Absolutely, make sure you also update index.rst in your pull request.

Q: I submitted a PR, what next?

A: Electron-cash developers (chiefly /u/jonald_fyookball ) will review them, and accept if it makes sense, or request changes if it, well, requires changes. If merged it'll get pushed to the actual website sometime later.

Q: I have no idea what I'm doing but I want to submit some nonsense pull request for the lulz.

A: Please don't.

Q: I'm kind of confused about feature X while writing the fix. Where do I ask?

A: Come hang out on telegram.

Q: Do I get a medal?


EDIT: from /u/rancid_sploit : It'll also be helpful if some of you can scour the interwebs for Electron-cash tutorial videos (there are many, scattered over a few Youtube channels) and post them below, so the help page can add them.

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