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Ergo Summit 2021_Entering The New Era

Ergo Summit 2021_Entering The New Era

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What to expect?

Join us on January 23rd to discover what lays await in the new era of the Ergo Blockchain with the upcoming Hardening Upgrade, AgeUSD stablecoin protocol, and more!

Presentations By Experts

Engaging speakers/domain experts from the EF, IOG, Emurgo, Five Binaries, Ergo Community, and more will be presenting at the Ergo Summit 2021. Ranging from academics to CTOs, to long-time developers, the range of presenters will offer a wide view of the current landscape of the Ergo ecosystem.

An Interactive Experience

The event will be premiered live on Youtube with many of the presenters taking part in answering viewer questions/comments in chat during the event. This is an opportune occasion to get answers from several experts in the field all in one place.

Stablecoins, Upgrades, and More!

From a brand new Stablecoin protocol, exciting new dApps, all the way to Ergo entering a new era via the upcoming Hardening Upgrade, the Ergo Summit is jam packed with exciting presentations that you will not want to miss.

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